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AgriTech India 2011
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Agriculture is undoubtedly the largest livelihood provider in rural India. As we enter a new post WTO Scenario and IT revolution, new inventions are happening day by day in every sphere. Agriculture is not culture now, it is Agri Business! Agriculture constitutes over 25% of India’s GDP. In recent years much emphasis has been given by The Ministry of Agriculture on commercializing agricultural production in the country. Adequate production and distribution of food has become a high priority and global concern. In the fast changing world and increasing competition in a globalised economy, there is a need of exploiting the available resources at maximum level and use of best technologies available world over, to cope with domestic demand of food and also to target export market.

To demonstrate the technology and to highlight the Indian strength, we Media Today Group are launching International AgriTech India 2011.

This will be particularly relevant in South India, where farmers grow a number of crops, but face problems in enhancing production and productivity because of inadequate exposure to high technology and inputs as also to advanced production practices, logistics and marketing. The growers in southern region, undoubtedly as hardworking as elsewhere in the country, are handicapped by the fact that not many major international exhibitions and conferences are held there. The International AgriTech India 2011, therefore, seeks to address this problem seriously.

New technology and advances in agricultural practices has become all the more important against the backdrop a series of programmes that have been launched by the government of India, to attain 4 per cent annual growth in agriculture and to double the production of horticulture crops in the on-going eleventh five-year plan..

Prominent among these programmes are :- The National Food Security Mission to enhance the output and per hectare yield of rice, wheat and pulses on a sustainable basis.
– The thrust of this programme is on dissemination of improved technologies and farm management practices.
– The Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana to promote higher investment in States in such projects as horticulture, animal husbandry, macro & minor irrigation, watershed development and marketing infrastructure.
– National Horticulture Mission to achieve holistic growth of the horticulture sector. The mission embraces the gamut of activities – production, post harvest management, processing and marketing.
– Macro Management of Agriculture that provides flexibility to States to develop programmes on the basis of regional priorities in crop development. The schemes under this programme also aim at improving soil health, supply of quality seeds & other inputs and promotion of farm mechanisation.
– Development of Agriculture Marketing Infrastructure, Grading and Standardisation, designed to strengthen post-harvest and marketing infrastructure by attracting private investment.
– Agricultural Technology Management, a new institutional arrangement created to strengthen extension activities and , technology dissemination.
– The main thrust of all these programmes is on taking Indian agriculture to greater heights of excellence through spread of latest technology and modern practices-on-farm and off-farm that would cover pre- and post- harvest activities, marketing and exports.

AgriTech India 2011 exhibition, therefore, will be an eye opener to the growers and other stakeholders of every segment of Agriculture and allied activities who want to expand and diversify their activities.



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